• TIME SENSITIVE: Tomorrow - Love Money, Money Loves You book launch and 2 free events
  • Supporting trauma healing for Ukrainian Refugee Children
  • Critical Need: Remera Mbogo Residential High School Kitchen Demolished by Flooding
  • Stay Tuned for tomorrow’s Doner Report and Tribute! 

TIME SENSITIVE - Important resources to shift your relationship with money. I know that many of you may find your inboxes full of recommendations from people about books and products you must have.  That is one of the reasons I only promote people, products, events I have experienced and believe in personally. 

In 2017 I did a workshop with my friend and Evolutionary Leader colleague, Sarah McCrum called, Love Money, Money Loves You. I have done many courses and practices on healing my relationship with money over the years and this one truly changed how I feel, think, plan, invite and experience financial abundance in my life. I experienced huge patterns and blocks dropping away by reading the words in this book and listening to her deeply transformational meditations. 
And the second edition of Love Money, Money Loves You is being launched tomorrow! Please explore whether this book is right for you. Here is the link to purchase her book and free bonuses: https://lovemoneybook.com.
Please also consider attending Sarah’s live launch party tomorrow at 1 pm PST: 

  • Topic: A Money Festival
  • Zoom Link: Here
  • Time:  April 19th, 2022 at 4:00 PM Eastern (EST)/ April 20th, 2022 at 6:00 AM Brisbane (AEST)

FREE WORKSHOP with Sarah McCrum and Lori: You’re invited to join  Sarah and I on Friday at 3 pm PST for Embodying Grace in Money and Business: Evolutionary Tools for Living a Rich Life
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Supporting Refugee Trauma Healing for Ukrainian Refugee Children and Orphans:  I am honored to be supporting a team of volunteers traveling to Sluysk, Poland to train mental health and educational professionals to deliver EFT relief to 120 children and their 4 caregivers who are being relocated to that city as well as the 800 children and their families who have registered for school in that community. Please consider donating. 100% of your donations will be delivered securely to those on the ground. 

Remera Mbogo Residential High School Orphanage

Kitchen destroyed by flooding: About 10 years ago, I asked for your help in providing a much needed upgrade to the school’s kitchen which was providing 2 meals a day for 650 students and 13 teachers – and thanks to you we did it. I was just informed yesterday that the kitchen has been demolished and will cost $15,000 to rebuild. I’m not talking fancy remodel, I’m talking floor tiling, roofing and replacement of 3 huge vats over fire for the daily ration of rice and beans and sinks. I know all of our focus is on the Ukraine but if your heart responds to this plight every dollar helps! Just about 10 years ago we raised money for a kitchen upgrade at the orphanage. This year flooding has competely destroyed the kitchen and they are working tirelessly to cook 2 meals a day of beans and rice to over 650 teenagers and their 13 teachers with a small vat over a log fire. Please consider donating. 100% of your donations will be delivered securely to those on the ground. 

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