The reason you haven’t heard from me: 5 days before returning to Rwanda in September, an emergency health challenge forced me to cancel the trip.

While I was deeply saddened not to see our beloved Ambassadors, the children of Remera Mbogo High School, Pastor Augustin and our Ihumure family, I never lost sight of the miracles that unfolded.

Had I been in Rwanda during my medical emergency, it is very clear that I may not have survived. During my recuperation, I developed pneumonia which further complicated my recovery but led to deeper inner healing and visioning for Project LIGHT.

Project LIGHT: Rwanda Ambassadors are facing dire economic challenges due to the severe shortage of jobs in Rwanda. Still, their faith and hope is as strong as their desire to continue being trauma counselors and heart centered leaders. Your help right now allows us to continue to provide emergency money for food, rent and medical needs.

Ruth’s son (my grandson Oneza!) has had a terrible accident requiring over the knee leg casts. Please include him in your prayers!

Our boys in India are working diligently at their studies and are making numerous international friends which strengthens their ability to be global citizens and heart-centered leaders. Etienne and Mathieu will be graduating with Masters Degrees in June!!!

Pastor Augustin and Ihumure, our conflict transformation mediator family, continue to thrive in their on-going EFT for trauma healing practices and train-the-trainer programs that we support.

Zoe Banks, Founder of Project LIGHT: New England raises over $10,000 for Project LIGHT: Rwanda since 2013! We LOVE you Zoe for your commitment, tenacity, heart, inspiration and LIGHT!

Miracle Bead Bracelets are back for Christmas: Lovingly made and blessed by me, available to the first 30 people who donate $75.00 or more starting today.

Stay tuned for my next miracle report from Australia – yes I made it! And support for Project LIGHT: Australia is expanding beautifully.

You, our generous supporters, as well as our Project LIGHT: Rwanda Ambassadors and the people I am privileged to work with around the world, touch my heart deeply and nourish my soul for what is possible to create global healing in our lifetime.

With my deepest gratitude, love and wonder,
[email protected]
Lori Leyden, PhD

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