Project LIGHT: Rwanda

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Each time I returned from Rwanda my heart broke open to the possibilities for world healing. Project LIGHT: Rwanda was conceived – a vision for establishing the world’s first international youth healing, heart-centered leadership and economic sustainability program. In 2011, with the help of grassroots donors and Nick Ortner, founder of The Tapping Solution, Project LIGHT: Rwanda became a reality. 12 Project LIGHT Ambassadors completed a 4-week residential training program and with continued support from middle school children to adults are being sponsored for university and entrepreneurial activities. And they are THRIVING! If survivors of one of the most horrific tragedies in the world can forgive, heal and reconcile then there is hope for all of us to do the same.

Over the last 10 years, our trainings have impacted hundreds and hundreds of Rwandans across the country. In 2016 we made 4 train-the-trainer trips to Rwanda to scale our Project LIGHT train-the-trainer model with African Peace Partners, CBOPE Conflict Transformation Mediators, Never Again Rwanda, the largest peace building organization in Rwanda and Rwanda Correctional Services Social Workers from 13 of the 14 prisons in the country housing over 54,000 inmates.

African Peace Partners, CBOPE and Never Again Rwanda


2016 Healing and Social Cohesion Conference, Kigali, Rwanda– Keynote Address

As a result of her work with Never Again Rwanda, Dr. Leyden was invited to make a keynote address on Healing Transgenerational Trauma at Never Again Rwanda and Interpeace’s first annual Healing and Social Cohesion Conference bringing 100 peacebuilders from war torn countries around the world was very well respected and received.

Lori Keynote

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