Dr. Lori Leyden

Dr. Lori Leyden

Founder, Create Global Healing

Based on my experience working with traumatized individuals and groups in Rwanda, Sandy Hook, CT, Australia and around the world, mending hearts and minds with effective and rapid trauma healing techniques is the primary foundation for community peace building – without it, resiliency and long term success are severely compromised in any recovery or reconciliation efforts.

Parkland Trauma Healing and Resiliency Response

Parkland Trauma Healing and Resiliency Services - Click here to download

Internationally known trauma expert, Dr. Lori Leyden and her Trauma Healing and Resiliency Team from Sandy Hook, CT will be headed to Parkland, FL March 5-19 to offer rapid relief trauma healing sessions for those affected by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting tragedy as well as training for professionals and community leaders in charge of the recovery effort. We are seeking connections with:

1. Those who lost loved ones, students, parents, educators, first responders and community members in need of trauma healing support.
2. Professionals in the mental health, education, first responders and community leaders willing to attend and/or promote free training in evidence-based techniques for rapid relief of trauma symptoms as well as resiliency for caregivers.


  • One-on-one meetings and trauma relief sessions for those who lost loved ones, educators, students and their families, first responder, community leaders and others affected by the tragedy.
  • Educational public and professional forums for the purpose of promoting the brain-based effects of trauma and the most effective brain-based trauma relief therapies highlighting EFT/Tapping.
  • Trauma Relief Techniques Masterclass for mental health and education professionals.
  • Evidence-Based Tapping in the Classroom consultations and training.
  • Leadership and Resiliency Support for Those Serving Traumatized Individuals and Groups.

Trauma and the Brain

Although not widely recognized, trauma causes brain-based dysfunctions and as such, must be treated with brain-based therapies. Also not widely recognized, is the necessity of treating secondary traumas incurred by those serving traumatized individuals.

In order to fill this gap, we provide leading edge, rapid relief clinical protocols for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), stress and anxiety management and resiliency support for survivors, community leaders and other professionals involved in recovery efforts for school shootings, war-torn environments, and natural disasters. Our evidence based EFT/Tapping protocols have been successfully implemented in post-trauma environments in over 24 countries. Over the last 30 years, EFT/Tapping has been researched in more than 10 countries by more than 60 investigators whose results have been published in more than 100 different journal articles.

Trauma Focus

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a health problem of growing concern, not only for those in resource poor environments where natural disasters, violence and war occur but for those humanitarian aid workers who serve them. In addition, WHO recommends training paraprofessionals to treat most trauma survivors in such settings and only then, referring those who cannot be helped to professionals.

Trauma Focus is an essential part of trauma relief and recovery. Although everybody knows the word trauma, there is a general lack of awareness of what trauma actually is. Brain science discoveries prove that trauma is a physiological process, a biochemical freeze response created in the brain and central nervous system when one is confronted with overwhelming fear. Because trauma creates physiological dysfunction, talk therapy which addresses symptoms rather than underlying causes is inefficient and often further triggers trauma reactions.

Conclusion: Trauma must be treated with approaches like BBSRT that return the brain to normal functioning.

EFT/Tapping: A Brain-Based Somatic Release Techniques


Why Are They So Effective?


FREE Professional Masterclass: EFT/Tapping for Trauma Relief and Resiliency Training. Click here to download 

EFT/Tapping assists the brain and body in returning to its natural resourceful and resilient state. 

Recent research at Harvard Medical School has documented that the most effective treatment for trauma seems to be found through Brain-Based Somatic Release Techniques such as EFT/Tapping.
The stimulation of certain acupressure points on the body have been shown, through fMRI and PET scans, to calm the amygdala and stop the fight/flight/freeze response. Moreover, research has also shown that the hippocampus and other fear sensors in the body are similarly and often very quickly affected and discharged. 

The result is that memories are retained, but they no longer carry an emotional intensity and ‘charge’ to trigger the trauma response in the body, thus allowing a full healing of the original trauma. 

Our consulting services include EFT/Tapping which has shown to be extremely effective as a community trauma intervention tool around the world, delivered to well over 10 million people in over 24 countries including Rwanda, Uganda, Congo, Nigeria, Israel, Indonesia, Haiti, Japan, Kosovo, South Africa, Israel, New Zealand, Ecuador, Kenya, Guatemala, Kuwait, Mexico, Moldavia, Tanzania, Thailand, South Sudan, Burundi, Brazil, Liberia, Australia and the US. 

Over 30 years of research has now been completed and is available for review.

Tax deductible donations to support our work in Parkland can be made through Dr. Leyden’s non-profit organization: www.CreateGlobalHealing.org 

For more information, please contact Dr. Leyden: [email protected]

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