Project LIGHT: Global Youth Initiative

Project LIGHT Youth Programs include Children2Children Club; Newtown Helps Rwanda; New England Helps Rwanda; and, Hartford Helps Rwanda.

With a focus on fostering global citizenship and leadership, these programs are created to provide students with heart-centered opportunities to experience being service-minded and to create connections with other children around the world. Our programs emphasize that service is about giving and receiving. When students care about other children around the world and show that caring through giving of themselves, they receive the many benefits of improved self-esteem, a sense of accomplishment, the knowing that they have made a difference in someone’s life who has suffered great trauma and tragedy, increased creativity and sense of fulfillment as they collaborate on co-creating meaningful ways of giving. In turn, our orphans experience the hope and dignity of being seen and heard, of being loved and cared for, knowing that they matter and that a bright future is possible.

Children2Children Club

Established in 2008 by educator, Moira Mahr and Pacific Grove Middle School, Pacific Grove, CA. The focus of this program is kids helping kids through projects that create a bridge of hope and healing. We are developing a heart-centered leadership program with structured curriculum that can be duplicated in classrooms across the country. Students raise funds earmarked for specific objectives (orphan school fees; food; fresh water tanks; electricity; books; classroom, dormitory and kitchen repairs; University sponsorship) by creating fundraising vehicles (bake sales, selling pens made in woodshop, creating a peace quilt, etc. We are currently working with the Pacific Grove Middle School in California to implement the curriculum and to connect US students with Rwandan orphans for mutual support, inspiration and cross cultural education.

Middles School Students sponsoring Project LIGHT: Rwanda Ambassadors for University!


Project LIGHT: Children2Children, Pacific Grove, CA sponsoring Mathieu Twagirumukiza


Project LIGHT: Newtown Helps Rwanda – JT Lewis sponsoring Betty Mpangaza


Project LIGHT: New England Helps Rwanda – Zoe Banks sponsoring Yvette Munyura


Project LIGHT: Hartford Helps Rwanda sponsoring Methode Nsabimana


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