Miracle Update
* Honoring my dad for seeding my destiny
* Deep gratitude to Barbara and Rosa Stone for their miraculous donation to our Beloved Remera Mbogo Residential High School
Honoring Alan Davidson and his legacy of heart-centred leadership

* Honoring my dad for seeding my destiny: It is with a sense of beautiful sadness that I share my father’s passing with you today. The miracles of his life and of having him as a dad are many. But none so amazing as how he seeded my destiny and passion to create global healing. While he was the wind beneath my wings in so many ways, ultimately your support these last 14 years has made my dreams and the dreams of so many possible.

Dad’s love, compassion and courage as a peacemaker in personal and professional circumstances continues to fill me with gratitude, love, joy and wonder.  For a glimpse into the heart of his accomplishments I invite you to read his obituary and tribute.

* Deep gratitude to Barbara and Rosa Stone for their miraculous donation to our beloved Remera Mbogo Residential High School: As you can imagine the safety and health needs of our 380 students and 18 teachers at Remera Mbogo during this time of Covid are many. In memory of her mother Rosa Stone, our long-time benefactor Barbara Stone has made a sizable donation supporting these critical projects: water tanks, hand washing stations, fencing, student desks, student mattresses and student scholarships. Please accept our deepest thanks Barbara and Rosa! 

Miracle of miracles no one at the school has come down with Covid! If you feel called to support us we need more resources to continue and expand these projects. Every dollar is a blessing.

Water tanks: $500
Hand washing stations: $1500
Student desks: $50
Student Mattresses: $100
Student scholarships: $385 per year

Honoring Alan Davidson and his legacy of heart centered leadership: My dear soul brother and colleague left his body on Easter Sunday. While my heart aches for both Alan and dad, I continue to be in wonder at he miracle that I was graced to love and be loved by both these men. You can view my Facebook post about Alan here. Alan was a tireless supporter and contributor to Project LIGHT: Rwanda and The Grace Process.

Please be safe and healthy, and do keep in mind that doing a “rage of gratitude, love, joy and wonder” for a few minutes each day allows Grace to flow through you and to you.

Here’s to healing ourselves, our children and our world. 

Recurring donation system! It’s easier than ever to automate your donations at https://www.createglobalhealing.org/donate/. 

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