Honoring the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy: On this day 7 years ago I was facing crossroads in my personal and professional life. The way forward was not clear so I was allowing myself to be in surrender to the mystery of what the Divine One Heart had in store for me. Twenty-four hours later, my life and the lives of many around the world were changed.

That day, December 14, 2012 was the day that the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy occurred taking the lives of 20 children and 8 adults. Nick Ortner of The Tapping Solutionwho lives in Newtown, called me hours after the event occurred and invited me to come to town to see how we could organize trauma healing with Tapping for those affected. I was on the ground 3 days later and would stay for three years. 

Miracles out of Tragedy: Since beginning my work in Rwanda in 2007, I have always tried to find the miracles that are possible out of tragedy. This in no way takes away the pain and grief we suffer from tragedy but as we remember the events of 12/14/12, I will also remember the healing miracles of our work there.

Along with your support, the Ortner family‚Äôs support and a dedicated group of volunteers, we established the first community-based trauma healing program based on EFT/Tapping. The work of The Tapping Practice and The Tapping Solution Foundation continue to this day supporting individual and community healing in Newtown. I am deeply grateful for the many members of my Newtown family I still remain close to today.

We also produced our award winning documentary, When I Was Young, I Said I would Be Happy which follows the transformation of our Project LIGHT: Rwanda Ambassadors and connecting them with young people in Newtown for inspiration and trauma healing. You can view the documentary by clicking here.

On this day I ask for your love, prayers and blessings for all those who lost loved ones as well as all the people of Newtown. Unbearably so, there have been 2,319 mass shootings in the US since Sandy Hook. 
https://www.vox.com/a/mass-shootings-america-sandy-hook-gun-violence. Let us offer our love, prayers and blessings to all who suffer the traumas of violence.

 You, our generous supporters, as well as our Project LIGHT: Rwanda Ambassadors and the people I am privileged to work witharound the world, touch my heart deeply and nourish my soul for what is possible to create global healing in our lifetime. Recurring donation system! It’s easier than ever to automate your donations athttps://www.createglobalhealing.org/donate/.

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