Etienne finds his dad 24 years after the genocide
Huge gratitude to Linda Dayton, his university sponsor

Happy Blessed Holidays

Our continued gratitude, love, joy and wonder to you as we enter our 12th year. We’re evolutionizing and scaling trauma healing on 4 continents!

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12/28/18 Year End Reflections Part 2

If you missed Part 1 you can read it here

HUGE MIRACLE for Project LIGHT: Rwanda Ambassadors: 24 years after the genocide, Etienne has found his father!  After being separated from his father in a Congolese refugee camp, Etienne was left to care for himself and his younger brother all these years. Last week, through the miracle of Facebook (you can’t make this stuff up) an old neighbor told someone who saw Etienne on Facebook that Etienne’s father was living in a Ugandan refugee camp. Last week Etienne spoke with his father on the phone! Etienne just graduated with a Master’s Degree in Pharmacy from Parul University in India and is now very anxious to make the trip to see his father. Your donations now will help him do that!

And CONGRATULATIONS to Yvette who will be married in February!

Our Tapping in the Classroom Video goes viral with 57+ million views! Create Global Healing in collaboration with The Tapping Solution Foundation first filmed this video at Pacific Grove Middle School with my dear friend, the amazing 6thgrade teacher extraordinaire, Moira Mahr.  This year the video was re-released and now has 57+ million views! Click here to view.

Scotland, Liberia, and Cambodia: This year we began exploring bringing forms of Project LIGHT to Scotland, Liberia and Cambodia. To that end I consulted with a Scottish national foster care agency to bring elements of the program to those young people (a high percentage of whom are traumatized) leaving foster care. At Lendrick Lodge in Brig O’Turk, Scotland I was privileged to lead 2 retreats for 50 spiritual leaders in The Grace Process and EFT for Trauma. It was truly a transformational experience on every level. We continue to explore opportunities for Project LIGHT in Liberia and Cambodia schools and will keep you posted next year!

Global Evolutionary Leaders Council
In June of this year I had the deep honor of being inducted into the Global Evolutionary Leadership Council in recognition of what Create Global Healing is accomplishing. I am deeply humbled and expanded to join this group of 133 transformational global leaders, many of whom I have considered to be my mentors and inspiration over the years. Congratulations to each of you for playing a supporting role in this esteemed distinction.

Plans for 2019 

  • February: Stay-tuned for our new website and video reports
  • January-August: Parkland
  • May: Australia – Mind Heart Connect Conference and Mind Heart Connect Foundation trainings in the Western Territories.
  • October: return to Australia for more trainings and Outrageous Grace retreat.
  • ???: and the mystery of what miracles of service are waiting to emerge.

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If you missed our Miracle Report: 2018 Year End, Part 1 you can read it here

Photo of project Light Ambassadors Etienne, Yvette, Fidele, Sharon, Chantal and Mathieu

Project LIGHT: Rwanda Ambassadors
Etienne, Yvette, Fidele, Sharon, Chantal and 
Mathieu Huge gratitude to Zoe Banks and Pacific Grove Middle School for sponsoring Yvette and Matieu to University

Photo of children Tapping in FL classroom

Our Tapping in the Classroom Video Goes Viral with 57+ million views! Click here to view. 

Photo of "On Country" Trainees in Western Australia

Some of our “On Country” Trainees in Western Australia

One Heart, One World Campaign Continues
Our vision for Project LIGHT is becoming a reality.

From Rwanda to Newtown, Australia and Parkland, FL

The world’s first trauma healing, heart-centered leadership and economic sustainability program for young people.

Visit our website for more info.

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You, our generous supporters, as well as our Project LIGHT: Rwanda Ambassadors and the people I am privileged to work with around the world, touch my heart deeply and nourish my soul for what is possible to create global healing in our lifetime.

Stay tuned for Updated Miracle Report & Last Day to Double Your Donations

With my deepest gratitude, love and wonder,

There is no limit great or small – we maximize every dollar toward our goal.

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