$19,224 miracles needed by November for 4th trip this year to support expanding
Project LIGHT throughout Rwanda

~Prayers and Miracles Needed for our Ambassadors in India~

Project LIGHT: Rwanda Ambassador Methode has been in and out of the hospital since his arrival in India a few weeks ago and now has been there for several days in much pain. While it is difficult to gather all the information it would seem he is being treated for a stomach ulcer and dehydration (I had them take pictures of the medications). The medical insurance I paid for supposedly doesn’t kick in for another month. I paid for it in August. Methode, Mathieu and Etiennewere supposed to receive African food (they had been eating only rice three meals a day until they told me the food conditions and I have been wiring them money) and their books and materials were supposed to have been covered by tuition and school fees but they are not. It is costing about $1500 more for each boythan we originally expected and their generous sponsors are tapped out so whatever help you can offer now would be greatly appreciated. The hospital expenses are on top of that.

As you can imagine this is stressful for everyone. Methode is stressed because he can’t go to class and doesn’t want to disappoint his sponsor.  Etienne has taken on the role of parent again (he had to care for his younger brother after they were abandoned during the genocide). He and Mathieu are at the hospital every day to take care of Methode.

And yet in spite of it all, they are practicing The Grace Process! Here’s what Etienne said in our What’s App call today: 

We are really sorry for the burden we are placing on you but do not worry we are strong, we know you and God love us and we thank you for being every good thing to the world…
Of course these words are for each of you who support us and love us in all we are doing to create global healing.  I will keep you posted.

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