$19,674 miracles needed by November for 4th trip this year to support expanding
Project LIGHT throughout Rwanda

~ Mathieu, Methode & Etienne arrived safely ~

Mathieu, Methode and Etienne arrived at Parul University safely! Whew - Mama Lori was getting a little nervous. I prayed to hear from them today and we just finished Skyping. They are 12.5 hours ahead of California time and even after their grueling 3 airplane rides to get their they are beaming with gratitude, love, joy and wonder. Of course they didn’t listen to Mama Lori when I told them it would be hotter than they could imagine, that they needed to bring T Shirts and sandals and that the food might not be that good - but noooo, they brought dress clothes and shoes because they wanted to look professional. The heat is difficult but they have fans and AC in their room which is quite spacious and they can live all together with their own bathroom – they are used to living with a pit toilet and bucket showers! Looks better than the place I stay in in Kigali! The only food they are getting is rice and “sauce” and their tummies hurt a bit from this kind of new food so I guess the next fundraising campaign will be for T shirts and food. Ah the joys of parenting 😉

More on their adventures later.

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