*THANK YOU! We’re at $15,552 miracles received –
on our way to $20,000
for Project LIGHT: Rwanda Phase 2 on January 15.
**Huge gratitude for our Project LIGHT Angel Donors.
***Remembering that love and the right resources
can heal anything

**Project LIGHT Angel Donors: SInce 2007 I continue to be in gratitude, love, joy and wonder every time I begin another fundraising campaign - that you all share our vision, that the resources are always there, that I just need to trust and surrender (again!) to the passion we share for global healing. Just when I am at the edge of my imagination for how it will all happen, you raise me upto more than I can be. Click here for an expression of my gratitude.

***Love and the right resources: With Project LIGHT we set out to prove that love and the right resources can heal anything. We did it in Rwanda and Newtown. Our documentary - thanks to Nick Ortner and Barnet Bain - continues to spread the word. We return to Rwanda in January with a representative of International Rotary, the Founder of Mediators Without Borders and a Board Member of Aegis Trust (a foundation to end genocide.

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