THANK YOU for caring! We’re at $20,145!
for Project LIGHT: Rwanda Phase 2.
Good news! An angel donor pledged $1999 miracles for our fence for the orphanage!!!
I arrived safely in Rwanda after. 40 hour adventure!


I arrived safely! Despite a challenging journey taking 40 hours via Dubai (unplanned rerouting!), the miracle was I arrived in Rwanda just in time for Monday meetings (albeit without sleep or a shower - thank goodness for essential oils!). In just 3 days we have generated quite a bit of excitement about Project LIGHT phase 2 among local stakeholders who can make it happen.

The heart aligned synergies with my new partners are unfolding magically!

Huge miracle news is… Drumroll please!

A donor angel came through with the $1999miracles we needed for the orphanage fence!!!!!
Another donor angel came through with just the right number of miracles to help us reach our goal of $20,000 for feeding our program participants.

There are so very many needs here that any additional donations will be put to good use including my return trip in April! 

More details to follow on the weekend.

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