THANK YOU for caring! We’re at $19,625 miracles received –
on our way to $20,000
for Project LIGHT: Rwanda Phase 2 on January 15.
Good news! Only $1999 more miracles for the orphanage fence! The children of Pacific Grove Middle School have pledged $700 and 9th Grader, Zoe Banks has pledged $801!
I’ll keep you posted from Rwanda!


Zoe Banks


Pacific Grove Middle School


Our beloved Remera Mbogo Residential High School has been burglarized: Reverend Thoms told me that thieves broke into the school campus, assaulted the night watch man and stole building materials and computers. They desperately need $3600 for a security fence. I know there are so many needs for our resources but this one is obviously important to keeping our students safe.

$1100 food miracles needed: $7 dollars provides a nutritious meal for one of the hundreds of young people and adults we will be working and is always part of our program. We’ll be working with our Project LIGHT Ambassadors, the children of the Remera Mbogo High School orphanage and the Ihumure Peace Association in Gisenyi - imagine a Project LIGHT Demonstration Village in Rwanda - now let’s co-create some miracles!

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