• Create Global Healing Miracles.
  • The Grace Process® Miracles.

Why you haven’t heard from me.
These past 12 months have brought extreme challenges for many of us around the world, and I must admit, this has been true for me as well. A series of events unfolded that triggered some old wounds and new traumas that I never imagined were possible given all the work I have done to heal myself. While I might have wanted to deny these triggers, my hyper-active physiological state told me otherwise. Without The Grace Process, EFT and reaching out for help, I wouldn’t be where I am now including being able to forgive the unforgivable and find peace once again. 
I also spent a great deal of the last year consciously grieving for the 5 loved ones I lost this year who were also great supporters of Create Global Healing including my dad, John Leyden, and my beloved friends, Alan Davidson, Sue Anne Fuller, Kara Oh, and Marsha Danzig.
Nonetheless, many gifts and miracles emerged!
Create Global Healing Miracles
As our collective hearts break for the trauma and tragedies our fellow Ukrainian and Russian citizens are experiencing, let us also break our hearts open to finding peace in our own hearts so that together we can create healing in our world. Your donations now go directly toward defraying the costs of our on-going programs. Donate

  • Consulting, training, mentoring and support for Rwanda: Since the pandemic I have been focused on providing consulting services, online training and mentoring of professionals serving traumatized communities and supporting our Project LIGHT: Rwanda Ambassadors as well as our Remera Mbogo Residential High School orphanage.
  • Consulting for Disaster Relief in Poland: I am honored and privileged to provide free consultations with individuals and groups working in traumatized communities. Just this week I began working with EFT practitioners in Poland developing a program to assist Ukrainian refugees, estimated to be 500,000 people in one week.
  • Mind Heart Connect Foundation (MHCF) Collaboration: With your help we continue to work with MHCF to develop and deliver one day EFT Light Aid trainings for professional service providers in Aboriginal and refugee communities in Australia.
  • FAST Trauma Support Team Collaboration: FAST provides free of charge EFT trauma healing for healthcare and emergency workers in the UK. We ran a 2-day training and mentoring workshop in August to raise money for FAST and CGH. You’re invited to their Celebration Day of Learning on March 26 at a £10 discount. Coupon Code: LORISPECIAL. For more info: https://www.fasttraumasupport.org.uk/celebration-day-2022/
  • CGH Featured in Feinstein Disaster Relief Articlehttps://edenmethod.com/ep-articles/bringing-light-to-darkness/

Remera Mbogo Residential High School Miracles
This year through the graces of Barbara Stone in memory of her mother Rose, Teacher Moira Mahr and her Pacific Grove Middle Students, and you we brought more than $10,000 in improvements to the poverty stricken campus as well as student scholarships. These funds allowed us to provide COVID prevention (no COVID cases in 2 years!!!) and security measures in place including: hand washing stations, completing security fencing around the campus, windows for the girls and boys dormitories, new mattresses, and new desks that allow for social distancing in classrooms. The school is now receiving awards and recognition for the improvements. 

  • Latest Challenge – Kitchen destroyed by flooding: About 10 years ago, I asked for your help in providing a much needed upgrade to the school’s kitchen which was providing 2 meals a day for 650 students and 13 teachers – and thanks to you we did it. I was just informed yesterday that the kitchen has been demolished and will cost $10,000 to rebuild. I’m not talking fancy remodel, I’m talking floor tiling, roofing and replacement of 3 huge vats over fire for the daily ration of rice and beans and sinks. I know all of our focus is on the Ukraine but if your heart responds to this plight every dollar helps! Donate.

The Grace Process® Miracles
Being able to do in-person Grace Process retreats and workshops always gives me great joy. During the pandemic I learned that Zoom retreats and workshops can be just as healing and fulfilling!

  • Embodied Grace Project: It was a huge and satisfying surprise to have 600 people sign on for the 5-day free program based on my work, 5 Stages of Embodied Grace which identifies the stages of our spiritual path. If you’d like to receive the free download of this e-book please sign up for my newsletter at www.LoriLeyden.com.
  • 10 Week GraceFilled Living Course: Was also a big success proving that The Grace Process and EFT really do support beautiful healings and transformations that can be achieved online! Stay tuned for our next offerings in late spring.

World Peace Meditation 
ONE LOVE SYNCHRONIZED MEDITATION from Saturday, March 5th in Poland. The Broadcast was from Oswiecim, the location of Auschwitz, Poland. Sponsored by the May Peace Prevail On Earth International - with One Humanity Institute, Global Silent Minute, Children of the Earth, Source of Synergy Foundation, SINE Network, Unity Earth and Unify.org.
Here is the link to the recording - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doJOPvm—0

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